Home Theater


If you and your family love movies then it might be time to experience them how they are meant to be seen, a theater experience in the home without the distractions and annoyances of a public theater. Imagine how great it would be to be able to watch the movies you love, theater quality, from the comfort of your home in New York. Our customers can’t say enough about the home theaters we design and install for them, and they are also often surprised by just how affordable we can make it.

What are the benefits of a home theater in New York City?

Have you been to a theater lately? It is true that movies look and sound better in a theater compared to your run-of-the-mill home entertainment setup, after all, that’s what movies are filmed and made for in most instances, but what a hassle, with all of the people, coughing, cell phones and conversations going on. Then you have the sticky floors and dirty seats and who knows what the last person who sat there was up to. It can be a distraction.

But with a professionally designed and installed home theater you can leave all of the annoyances of a theater behind you, and still get the benefit of a theater experience. Our professionally installed home theaters offer the true theater experience from the picture to the sound system, and in a much more comfortable environment.

Another benefit to consider is the cost. If you go to the movies often, especially if you bring the whole family, that can add up to literally thousands of dollars a year. You may actually save money within a few years when you choose a home theater over the typical movie theater experience.

Finally, what if you need to use the rest room? Or want to grab a snack? How many climatic moments have you missed because you had to take care of business? Or how often have you found yourself enjoying the movie less because all you can think about is that you have to use the restroom?

Why homeowners in the Long Island area choose Oakwood Automated Systems for home theaters designed a

When designing and installing a home theater, who you choose can make a huge difference. We have the widest selection of the highest quality home theater televisions, sound systems, and setups. Customers are constantly in awe of how convenient and what quality we offer our customers. And we make it affordable. Stop by today and take a look at some of the amazing options you have.