Audio Systems


What’s the difference in between a regular sound system and a high end system from New York’s top provider of quality electronics? You would have to hear it yourself to believe the difference an amazing high end audio system can make, whether you are watching a movie on your home entertainment system, listening to music, or hosting a party at your home.

Benefits of a high end audio system

Most in New York have the regular speakers attached to the television for their entertainment system, and your typical run-of-the-mill audio system for their music. Most are missing a whole lot of nuances of their favorite movies and music if this is the case. Even modern systems are not setup to offer all of the sounds one would get from either being at the movie theater or at that concert, but thanks to modern technologies in audio technology professionals like our trained staff can set you up with a system that practically recreates the experience of a theater or a concert. It really is the best next thing… sometimes even better according to our customers.

What’s the difference in between a high-end sound system and a regular sound system?

The first difference is the quality of the equipment. More expensive is not necessarily always better, and most high-end brands are in the same range anyway, so how can you tell the difference? The fact is there may not be one right answer. This is why it is important to go to someone who knows the various brands, can talk to you about your preferences, and find the equipment that is right for you. Our staff is carefully trained to provide all of our customers the exact right audio system for their needs. You won’t get that kind of service from the Big Box audio stores. Not only will our team be able to find the equipment that is right for you, we also carry brands that other retailers may not sell, or sell these systems for a higher price.

Why come to Oakwood for a high-end audio system

As mentioned, we have the right equipment for the right price. We also offer superior service and we really know audio systems. If we set up your system we take into account all kinds of factors like the size and the shape of the room, the perfect placement, and your own personal preferences. That’s service you won’t get from many other electronics shop around NYC.